Gold Cup Electrodes

75 cm -100 cm

150 cm -200 cm

250 cm

Silver Cup Electrodes

75 cm -100 cm

150 cm -200 cm

250 cm

Connection Cable 

Use with Bridge Electrodes

For 2mm Connection

Bridge Electrodes

Adult Size

Pediatric Size

Blue-Red-Yellow Colours

TEN-20 Conductive Cream

228 Gr Box ...

Neuron Cond. Cream & Gels

Neuron 400 Gr Box  

PTZ Head-Caps

• Large
• Medium
• Small
• Pediatric
• Neonatal

Prewired Head-Caps

• Large                  62-58 Blue
• Medium             58-54 Red
• Small                   54-50 Yellow
• Ext. Small           50-46 Green

• Large Infant       46-42 L.Blue

• Medium Infant  42-38 Pink

• Small Infant       38-34 Brown

Subdermal Needles

Disposable moulded subdermal needle electrode, 

100-150-250 cm long leadwire

(5 colors) and 1,5mm touchproof connector (1pack=24needles)

Twisted Subdermal Needles

Disposable twisted subdermal monopolar needle electrodes

100-150-250 cm  leadwires

1,5mm touchproof connector (1pack=20set)

Disposible Electrodes


Use Adult and Neonatal

60-90-150 cm leadwire

Colour and 1,5mm touchproof connector

Disposible Cup Electrodes

Disposable AgAgCl 10mm cup electrode,

100-150cm long lead wire (10colours) and 1,5mm touch proof connector (1pack=10pieces)

Ear Electrodes

EEG Ear Electrodes

Connection Leadwires

Manufacture  universal connektor for all type EEG devices.

Disp. Support Cap

Disposable support cap - large adult size (1pack=10caps)
This cap can be used to support prewired cap, bridge electrode and cup electrode and it is disposable.
Different sizes available on request.

EEG electrode parts

for Adult & Pediatric

Headcaps parts

Bridge Electrodes


Covering Sets


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