• Designed specifically for Routine EEG.
  • Hardware is light-weight and portable. It can be transported from one location to another seamlessly via carrying case, or permanently installed on a mobile trolley or cart
  • Built-in bedside Impedance directly from Amplifier allow techs to check the impedance status without having to leave patient side
  • 4 Built-in DC channels directly from the amplifier allow integration of auxiliary devices or patient event button.


  • Intuitive ICU/LTM Brain Monitoring
  • Customization of protocols for NEURO ICU, NICU, Stroke and Trauma ICU’s or EEG/LTM
  • Online physician review from any reading station, including mobile devices
  • Online integrated with Persyst Continuous Monitoring
  • Digital Analysis and Brain Mapping Included
  • SQL database with query capabilities
  • Integrates with most EMR platforms via Hl7 interface
  • Custom reports in Microsoft Word
  • Raw EEG Data storage for full analysis capabilities.
  • Synchronized high quality video
  • Trim down the EEG and video before archiving
  • Online Physician Review Capabilities


  • Full ambulatory EEG capabilities
  • LCD screen displays impedance, study, and battery status
  • Up to 3 days of recording with the same set of batteries
  • EEG frequency spectrum and Brain mapping included on Analysis software
  • Portable and light-weight
  • Built-in Event Button
  • 3 DC Inputs directly on Recorder
  • SD Card and USB Connections
  • Upgradable for recording PSG and HST studies


  • Low-channel portable electroencephalograph-recorder

Records EEG by 9 derivations in telemetric or autonomous (EEG-Holter) mode and is applied for:

  • odifferential diagnosis of epilepsy (applied with software "Encephalan-Video") mainly in children and infants;
  • ocontinuous EEG monitoring in emergency rooms and intensive care units with the help of software "Encephalan-NM" and software "Encephalan-CFM", including the pronouncement of brain death;
  • opsychophysiological research;
  • oneuromarketing research.


  • Electroencephalograph-transformer with multichannel mapping for classic stationary use

EEG-20 or EEG-32 connectors on a special stand allow quickly transforming a portable encephalograph into a stationary electroencephalograph (with 20 or 32-channels) for classical applications in the room of neurophysiology and functional diagnostics.

Connectors make it easy to connect/disconnect autonomous patient transceiver-recorder ABP-26 and use EEG electrodes with touchproof connectors (cup or bridge) or electrode caps from the set of EEG electrodes "Encephalan-ES".

Electroencephalographs floor stand is equipped with phono-photostimulators for EEG functional tests and EP study.

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