Nihon Kohden Neuropack S1, allows the execution of high quality EMG/PE exams in a short time. Thanks to the construction quality of the
amplifiers, the new exam list and the practical functional keyboard Neuropack S1 improves productivity, reducing exam times and ensuring the fastest possible execution speed. Available with 2 or 4-channel amplifiers and in desktop or laptop configuration, it guarantees maximum flexibility of use.

The Neuropack X1 measurement system is the latest and most advanced system for EMG-PE in the Nihon Kohden neurodiagnostic line. Available with 6 or 12 ch amplifier and up to two independent electrical stimulators.

The EMG, NCS and SEP protocols are supplied as standard with the Neuropack X1 measurement system.

The convenient, dedicated backlit console allows the user to complete an entire exam without having to use the keyboard or mouse.

Portable EMG Devices

Electroneuromyograph with option of brain evoked potentials study


Our devices ensure high-quality registration of myographic signals
and evoked potentials, fast and convenient research execution and
high noise immunity that meet the requirements of state of the art.